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Saturday, February 03, 2007

the battle of the best

from the sammy davis, jr. show:

gene krupa vs. buddy rich

and, just to round out the holy trinity of the sticks:

john bonham & zep - moby dick

ok, kids, who's the best?
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Keith Moon on Won't Get Fooled Again.

Let's also not forget Steve Gadd.
commented by Blogger tbogg, 12:25 PM PST  
Green Pupa!

Sorry, TBogg.

Rich takes it. He was a total prick but he was just incredible. Inhuman.

Bonham was better than Moon, but less flashy.

Steve Gadd, Great drummer, but so were just about all the tub players who worked with Zappa. Except for Bozzio. I hated Bozzio. Frank must have been schtupping Dale.
commented by Anonymous Haloscan ate my names, 1:02 PM PST  
Which one played James Dean's little buddy in Rebel Without a Cause?
commented by Anonymous Potatos O'Brien, 2:09 PM PST  
that would be sal mineo, a great, under=rated actor, but no drummer.
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:16 PM PST  
Let's broaden our horizons a bit. How about Tony, Roy, Jack, or Elvin?
commented by Blogger Todd Bishop, 9:08 PM PST  
The example you chose of Gene Krupa is not a fair example of his drumming. He is much older than Buddy Rich and not physically capable of drumming like he did when he was Rich's age in this clip.

When he did Sing x3 with Benny Goodman he blew away all other drummers. Period.

Also, Keith Moon, in my opinion, had a similar style to Krupa and his command and control of what he was doing at all times was pretty amazing even though he was known as a wildman. Hated Zep.

As to todd's comment:

I have seen two of the four and for my money, De Johnette. (Tony Williams being the other) It's hard to judge musicians of any kind against one another. They all do different things in different ways. But I guess you can say these are some of the best.

Most overrated drummer of all time:
Neal Pert.
commented by Anonymous Danny Guam, 10:07 PM PST  
Joe Morello

Sal Mineo did star in the Gene Krupa Story
commented by Anonymous Lancelot Link, 10:16 PM PST  
point taken, joe, i totally forgot, and i must re-evaluate my statement that mineo was no drummer.

danny, i certainly didn't mean to imply that you had to choose who was the best drummer based on my two pitiful examples...i was just personally delighted that there was a clip showing krupa and rich together.

and, for my money, i still think krupa was more fluid and a little more playful than rich, even in that clip.
commented by Blogger skippy, 11:08 PM PST  
I agree with Todd Bishop. Y'all got some seriously limited horizons.

I'd add Max Roach as well.
commented by Anonymous Rojo, 12:30 AM PST  
Y'all go to Drummerworld.com and play vids of Rich. He's IT, in my humble IMHO. And "a prick," yeah, often, but also could be a decent guy, lend you money, etc. So I've heard.

I had this exchange once online with someone who said Carl Palmer was better than Rich. I don't buy it.
commented by Anonymous Mr Wonderful, 9:09 AM PST  
The "overrated" Mr Peart-

commented by Blogger spud, 11:46 AM PST  
Let's broaden our horizons a bit. How about Tony, Roy, Jack, or Elvin?

All good drummers. Forget Elvin. He was always too stoned. Same with Tony, but he was doing coke. And what Danny Guam said is true. You need a particular criteria amd metric to compare.

No, it's Buddy because the metric I use, technical control and speed with the weak hand. I have seen Buddy, (live mind you, and up close) do with his left hand only what others can only do with two. And his ability to change gears, single stroke to double stroke, was just phenomenally smooth. He was not of this earth.
commented by Anonymous Haloscan ate my names, 3:47 PM PST  
i also, enjoyed the privilege of seeing buddy live, and it was a joy to behold.

to be fair to those who have included other drummers in the mix, i picked the three i picked mainly as representations of 3 different generations and/or eras, and wondered what a drum off would be like.

imagine my joy to find the sammy davis jr. show clip w/krupa v. rich. if only bonham had been there, and not as a 3 year old.
commented by Blogger skippy, 6:00 PM PST  
Great Clip. Both were Masters.

That's how they categorize the best artists in Brazil. If you are called a master, that ends all argument.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:48 AM PST  

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