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Sunday, January 14, 2007

you can always pick your friends but can you pick your friends' brains?

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cookie jill points out to us that the best writer in blogtopia,* david niewert of orcinus, interviews the hottest writer in blogtopia, spocko.

the most interesting thing we found out was that spocko got the idea of going after ksfo advertisers from...wait for it...ksfo!!

so i started taking some of the audio clips and sort of putting them together in a letter. and the first thing that happened was in december of 2005 or thereabouts, [sussman] went on, and his idea of the 'war on christmas' was to attack the advertisers. there was a company where somebody came into an office or a store, and if somebody didn't say 'merry christmas,' that he was going to 'out' them on the radio program. and i'm like, 'what? what do you mean?'

so at that point, the advertisers -- i realized, hey, wait a minute, these are also advertisers on his show. so i wrote them, and i said, 'this might be something you are interested in, that the very same company that you're advertising on is doing this, and they're also saying these kinds of things. the first advertiser that pulled their ads was borders books, and this was in december 2005. and a couple others pulled their ads -- some of them wrote me and some of them didn't. but suddenly the ads were promo ads for the station and public service announcements. and so i thought, well, maybe they actually are pulling their ads based on these notes i'm sending them.
go read the whole thing, it's...dare we say it?...fascinating.
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I love the Mickey Mouse picture! He's so cute. I mean, not cute stomping a person, but he looks so cute being mad.

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