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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

tuesday night music club

the c&l music club last night discussed cover songs (you know our thoughts, steveaudio!) and in nicole's comments we found this little gem:

weird al yankovic - bob

special tuesday night music club bonus:

readers of this space know our fondness for sinead's nothing compares 2 u and the scissor sisters' rendition of comfortably numb for best covers ever, but we found our number three best cover song ever:

the flying lizards - money - live!


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another heavy hitter on best cover ever should be van morrison's cover of comfortably numb. you can catch on the soundtrack to scorcese's the departed. i will now pull my lurker cloak back over my head.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 8:17 AM PST  
actually, good choices, skippy!
commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 10:58 AM PST  
a man, a plan, a canal, panama!
commented by Anonymous whig, 6:18 PM PST  

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