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Thursday, January 11, 2007

thursday night music club

benny goodman swing band - medley

this clip from hollywood hotel features two of the bg band's biggest hits of the time, "i've got a heartful of music" and "house hop," combined with "avalon," by the benny goodman quartet.

watch for the trumpet solo by a young harry james, the duet by benny and lionel hampton, and gene krupa kicking butt on the drums towards the end. plus, rudy vallee introduces it all!


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Who will be the last to die for Bush's lies?
well, those guys are alread dead, but thanks for asking.
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:23 PM PST  
Swinging! Ever see the movie called Swing Kids? It's set in Nazi Germany and the kids were considered rebels for promoting American Negro music.
commented by Anonymous Kevin Hayden, 9:01 AM PST  

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