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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

stop (yawn) the presses

nice of the mmm (multi-millionaire media) to catch up with blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase, but jack cafferty, usually a lone stalwart among the drivel that is cnn, showed that he should be riding the short bus today by "breaking" the story that there are (gasp!) private independent contractors acting as para-military in iraq.

he even mentioned the dreaded "blackwater," and reported that the helicopter that was recently downed in baghdad belonged to that private security firm, and that the four men which were killed and hung in fallujah three years ago were contractors of same.

don't get us wrong, we love jack cafferty. he's the only guy that seems to be able to shut wolf "how's my beard" blitzer up, or at least render him speechless, if only for a few seconds.

but, jack, if you had been reading the blogs for the past three years, you would have known about blackwater and the government contracts (read: taxpayer monies) that they have been getting to strut around iraq like so many macho roosters in sunglasses.

related but somewhat off-topic congrats go out to fdl, whose libby trial blogging got linked to, (via the word "colorful" in "colorful insight from bloggers") on cnn's situation room blog, under the category "libby trial online."

(also, another link on the word "suit" in "patrick fitzgerald's suit." way to go, fdler's!)
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