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Saturday, January 13, 2007

spocko vs. the mouse: ksfo responds

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as we reported earlier, the hardly-ever-right-wing bile-spewing hosts of ksfo held a "town meeting" (apparently they live in "stupidtown") yesterday on-air in response to spocko's campaign to alert their advertisers to their hate speech passing off as radio entertainment. the san jose mercury news covered it, and seems pretty objective...that is to say, they are as apoplecitc over the ksfo bad behaviour as we are:

it was a mostly one-sided gunfight on the media frontier friday, as four hosts from the conservative talk radio station ksfo-am (560) spent the better part of three hours name-calling, patting themselves on the back and shouting down the few callers from the other side who got through.

the unprecedented show from noon to 3 p.m. was convened by the san francisco station in response to a campaign by liberal bloggers -- including one who goes by the name ``spocko'' -- who sent recorded segments from the shows to advertisers, some that were offensive to muslims and seemed to sanction violence against political opponents.

there were some apparent contradictions about whether these hosts wanted to apologize or do battle. morgan chided bloggers and media members for not seeing apologies she issued on her web site.

yet, rodgers repeatedly said they weren't apologizing for anything and warned that ``if you bite us, we will bite back''...

in the three hours, only a few dissenters made it onto the phone lines. one, a blogger from virginia, made a few points before rodgers cut him off in a slew of name-calling…

they also accused [spocko], whose posts have now been distributed widely on the internet and to advertisers, of threatening their livelihood, and that was something they wouldn't do.

when someone suggested that morgan did the same thing by calling for a boycott of michael moore's ``fahrenheit 9/11,'' she argued it was different because the movie was ``filled with lies and deceit'' and added that she didn't say people ``can't go'' to the movie, ``but as conservatives, we have a right not to go.''

they repeatedly made fun of spocko for using a made up name that didn't seem to fit an adult. no one mentioned their sidekick who goes by ``officer vic.''

it was an unusual experiment, which rodgers said he didn't favor. he was probably right. no one won this gunfight and the name calling will not end.
the sfchron also covered the special event, and made an interesting point:

despite its defiant tone, the show was a rarity in the bare-knuckles world of talk radio -- and a tacit acknowledgement of how the blogosphere is influencing traditional media.
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At this point you would think the advertisers would have someone listening to the show and making a decision based on facts instead of publicity, but that would require thinking ahead, now wouldn't it?

Remember when Jimmy the Greek got kicked off the air for stating something obvious and I didn't find it racist at all. These guys advertise torture and murder as if it were nothing.

Times have definitely changed.
commented by Blogger Deb, 10:24 AM PST  
While it is technically not illegal to use the first amendment right of free speech to encourage the Oswalds, McVeighs, and Rudolphs of the country to created a Rwanda style bloodbath in the streets of San Francisco, it is illegal to use the public airways to do so.
Since the FCC has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the batshit insane, I am grateful that Spoko fixed on the only way left to us to object.
commented by Blogger the bewilderness, 11:53 AM PST  

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