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Saturday, January 06, 2007

spocko v. the mouse

a great blogger and greater activist, you know him as spocko's brain, has been litigated into limbo by the mouse.

you see, spocko dared to take on the hate speech drooling out of ksfo's hardly-ever-right wing talk show screeching heads, by posting fair use (according to spocko) audio clips of same on his blog, and writing letters to the station's advertisers.

unfortunately for spocko, ksfo is owned by abc which is owned by disney. so deep pocket lawyers pulled a cease and desist to spocko's hosting company, and his blog has been disappeared.

for a better understanding, and a comprehensive list of what you can do (halfway down, under "what you can do") go see spocko's guest post at online blogintegrity.

addendum: paul lukasiak has mirrored the audio clips along with a list of linked articles about the controversy here.

double addendum: the fabulous mike stark writes a dkos diary listing all the ksfo advertisers w/contact info here, and commenter lafemmoi gives more detailed info in a diary comment here.

[on a personal note, the editors here at skippy, who have cyber-partied w/spocko at athenae and scout's great election night cyber party, take great exception to spocko's description of himself as a 'fifth tiered blogger.' we insist that spocko is at least a third tiered blogger, and we should know, because we are on the 'a-list of b-listers' among blogs, according to shystee.]
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Just FYI...

I've mirrored the clips at


along with a list linked articles about the controversy
commented by Anonymous paul lukasiak, 7:32 AM PST  
Spocko does good work, which is why ABC/Disney is trying to squash him.

I live in northern California within the broadcast reach of KSFO. Spocko is not exaggerating when he reports on how vile they are. Advertisers began to sidle away from KSFO when Spocko showed them the actual words being spoken on that radio station. Help keep the heat on KSFO by sharing the story with your friends and posting links on your blogs.
commented by Blogger Zeno, 9:38 AM PST  

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