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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rip molly ivins

sadly, molly succumbed to her illness at 62 years of age. msnbc:

more than 400 newspapers subscribed to her nationally syndicated column, which combined strong liberal views and populist-toned humor. ivins’ illness did not seem to hurt her ability to deliver biting one-liners.

“i’m sorry to say (cancer) can kill you, but it doesn’t make you a better person,” she said in an interview with the san antonio express-news in september, the same month cancer claimed her friend former gov. ann richards.

to ivins, "liberal" was no insult. "even i felt sorry for richard nixon when he left; there's nothing you can do about being born liberal — fish gotta swim and hearts gotta bleed," she wrote in a column included in her 1998 collection, "you got to dance with them what brung you."

in a column in mid-january, ivins urged readers to stand up against bush's plan to send more troops to iraq.

"we are the people who run this country. we are the deciders. and every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war," ivins wrote in the jan. 11 column. "we need people in the streets, banging pots and pans and demanding, 'stop it, now!'"
we'll be banging some pots and pans in your honor, molly. rest in peace.

slightly-related but disgusting tangent: oh those hate-filled liberals in the blogosphere. why can't they learn how to be civil, like the conservatives. here's just a few of comments, presumably left by the well-mannered and gracious conservatives, found on the message board at msnbc's piece on molly:

i'm glad she is dead. that "thing" did nothing but spew the same old worn out left wing slogans. the world is now a better place. oh when will cancer take care of hillary?!?!
a sad case -- she couldn't help being ugly and stupid, but she could have kept her mouth shut and her fingers off the keyboard. good riddance.
all that liberal anger and rage against those not like her neocommunist self decayed molly from the inside out. hate kills.
you see molly, when you are so full of hate, the cheap way you attacked the president, no wonder you got cancer. the world is a better place without this vile witch!
sorry that she died of cancer, but i'd have to make the observation that there is now one less whining, bleating liberal.
i am soooooooo glad that she is dead. i smiled so big when i saw the news of her passing. good riddance to a hate filled bitter old hag who had nothing good to say about anyone outside of her political views. i hope to god that there will never be another one-sided close-minded hate-filled columnist but then again........when she goes there are plenty of acid tongue liberals to go around to fill her shoes.
good riddance to bad rubbish as my mom used to say. her one-sided left-wing hatchet jobs are finally gone and will soon be forgotten.
greenaway day,

#1 take yourself and your liberal friends back to canada. we need you like we need more friggin' mexicans.

#2 jimmy carter is an idiot. the epitome of incompetence!

ivans down, feinstein , boxer & pelosi to go.....

you're on the right track, pal. let's just add a few more names like fonda, robbins, penn, sarandon, ginsberg.....
they say bitterness is what brings on cancer and lowers the bodies resistance to fight the disease,and with the venom this legacy media relic spewed out it is no wonder she got it and "lost the fight".....i'm sure st. peters has some good ol folks by his side who will see her for what she is and bounce her butt of the cloud.......good riddance molly , may you keep saddaam warm for eternity!!!!
ding **** the wicked witch is dead! i wonder if she will be able to smell urine on her grave from 6 feet under.
ding, ****, the witch is dead. too bad it didn't take longer... i'd have loved to see her witness hillary's implosion in 2008.
no tears here, she was taking up space on this earth as with most liberals blaming their problems on everyone else, instead of themselves. good riddance!!
actually, given the opportunity, i'll go vomit on her grave!!!
molly ivins was a liberal puke. surprised she died so young though.
i wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, but on the bright side, no one will ever have to read her horrible, venomous, bitter columns again.
damn! rid of that bitch & sadamm, in the same quarter! go, fidel, go!
oh yeah, class acts all the way...

addendum: if you don't feel like the posters above, and would like to show some love to molly, pls. sign the sfchron guest book.

double addendum: mad kane gives us her ode to molly ivins.
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I'm unsure that whatever damage I've sustained by reading these comments will ever heal. Pure evil permeates the souls of these commenters and make it hard for me to accept the fact that we are of the same species. Sanity is another matter all together.
commented by Blogger FaulknA, 6:46 PM PST  
See Molly Ivins at her satirical best in a video called "The Dildo Diaries"...here:

commented by Blogger Daniel DiRito, 6:51 PM PST  
The only comfort I take in those comments is karmic.
commented by Blogger Carl, 7:50 PM PST  
Earth to Freepi: Why the fuck aren't you in Iraq, you ball-less fuckheads? Molly had more balls in her little toenail than the whole bunch of chickenshit chickenhawks that you are.

Fuck civility.

- Badtux the Peeved Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 11:41 PM PST  
Jesus. I was just about to go to bed, too, and now I'm all pissed off. Fuck you, Freepi. I wasn't that happy when Ronald Reagan died, and in terms of destructive potential, he trumped her six ways to Sunday. Up your collective noses.
commented by Blogger Interrobang, 12:52 AM PST  
Many of the comments claimed that Molly Ivans was filled with hate. I never saw hate coming from Molly, but I did see a lot of hate in those comments.
Thanks for mentioning my Molly Ivins tribute, Skippy!
commented by Blogger Mad Kane, 9:31 AM PST  
I honestly do not understand how humans can be so disgusting. Even if Robert Novack died I would not come close to vomiting up that kind of vitrol.
commented by Anonymous deanmacman, 9:33 AM PST  
Ivins was a poor excuse for a columnist. She was not funny, she was not clever, she was not informative. She was nothing but a cheap, leftist hack. I regularly read her columns and the only word that can descibe her is Vacuous. She was a god damn broken record of silly, 3rd grade level insults against anyone that was politically right of Mao. Typical of a leftist, she mocked conservatives as arriving at their beleifs formost through a lack of intellegence not to mention, greed. Her dismissive and derisive attitude toward all that was even slighty conservative endeared her to not only to her fellow hardcore leftist but to mainstream and moderate liberals that got their chuckles from her syndicated sideshow. This adoration created in Ivins a clear sense of self-importance and delusions of grandure regarding her own intellect. She beleived her own BS and she never realized she was just a useful idiot. A clown. Sad, really.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:37 AM PST  
anonymous, if you were a regular Ivins reader, you'd know that she skewered everyone, not just conservatives. Ivins was one of the most even-handed writers I knew. If she had any agenda, it was to expose stupidity -- which, I'm sure you'll agree, isn't the exclusive property of the left or the right.

Good golly, Miss Molly. We miss you already.
commented by Blogger Athenawise, 10:00 AM PST  
Here's a good riposte to assholes like anonymous who claim Molly was nothing but a left-wing Ann Coulter: I posted a video to Youtube of her address to the Rolling Thunder Down Home Democracy Tour in Austin in 2002. Some wonderful stories and not an iota of hate. Especially telling is her anecdote about the KKK: As civil libertarians we are required to fight for their right to protest, and then when they do, to line up along the parade route and moon them!
commented by Anonymous Rheinhard, 10:18 AM PST  
You can also light a candle and leave a comment for Molly here.
commented by Blogger Blue Gal, 11:10 AM PST  

Thanks a lot for linking to the guest book (which is already 72 pages long, in just one day).

Do you really want to keep the hateful comments available on your website? We all know what passes for thought processes in some people, and it's scary enough to know that without reading it.

Anyway, when Bush is impeached, Molly will have been mightily responsible.
commented by Anonymous catherine, 2:17 PM PST  
This comment has been removed by the author.
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