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Thursday, January 04, 2007

mail fraud

bush gives himself authority to search the mail

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with apologies to mad kane, to the tune of the marvelettes "please mr. postman":

oh yes, wait a minute mr. postman
someone opened my mail mr. postman

please mr. postman, look and see
has someone opened that letter to me?
i’ve been waiting for such a long time
but mail tampering’s no longer a crime!

there must be some kind of mistake
george bush reads my letters for security’s sake
he read my mom’s invitation to dinner
and that i might already be a winner

i been standing here waiting mr. postman
so patiently
for my rights, my long lost civil rights now
to once again come on back to me

please mr. postman, look and see
has someone opened that letter to me?
now george bush can discover at will
i’m three months i’m late on my credit card bill

i should call someone about this crap
but my phone has a warrantless wire tap
if i protest or speak out about it though
i’ll could get disappeared right into gitmo

(mister postman)
mister postman look and see
(oh yeah)
did someone open that letter to me?
(please, please mr. postman)

etc. etc.
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Bush Claims Right to Check Nation's Mail, Underwear:

commented by Blogger Freewayblogger, 12:40 PM PST  
Gotta hand it to you, skippy, not too many people would think of rhyming "it though" with "Gitmo." Sweet...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 9:20 PM PST  

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