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Friday, January 12, 2007

libby went a courtin' he did go uh huh

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who do you have to fu[don't go there...ed] kiss up to in order to get a seat in the actual courtroom of the libby trial? we don't know, but apparently jane hamsher of firedoglake does, because she's got a ticket to write, and she don't care:

thanks to help from lots of folks at the huffington post, daily kos, the united states district court for the district of columbia and a whole bunch of people who contributed to our fundraising efforts (especially the extra-generous steelthing, to whom much thanks goes out from all of us), we're going to dc to cover the libby trial.

it's something of a first for bloggers to be credentialed for a high profile trial like this. in addition to the two passes granted to the media bloggers association to distribute through its members, justin rood (of tpm), marcy wheeler (of next hurrah/dkos) and myself (on behalf of huffington post and fdl) have been granted passes. most of the passes are for the overflow room where the trial will be broadcast by closed circuit and wifi will be available for live blogging; my pass (which i'll be sharing with christy and others) will be for courtroom 16 itself. to say i am excited to see patrick fitzgerald sweating dick cheney on the witness stand would be something of an understatement.

pachacutec will be on hand for jury selection, one of only a handful of journalists (and the only blogger) allowed in to the proceeding via judge walton's ruling that only two journalists be allowed in the courtroom at a time.
good job, and good luck, jane, christy, parachutec and everyone. we want to know, will trex get to share the green room w/cheney? be sure to duck!
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Can't wait for Judy Miller to cut her eyes at our Jane!! Living for that first courthouse hallway moment -- when KneePads meets Integrity!
commented by Blogger TeddySanFran, 6:49 PM PST  
Outstanding work! It's gonna be fun to put Libby Libby Libby on Trial Trial Trial!
commented by Anonymous FiniFinito, 7:26 PM PST  
Jane, ReddHedd and emptywheel (oh my!) will show those WaPoo yahoos how it's done. Wahoo!

Nice diorama, Skippy. Suppose he'll spill the beans?
commented by Blogger HotFlash, 7:42 PM PST  
lol, hotflash!
commented by Blogger skippy, 7:57 PM PST  
I have been made aware that Robert Cox of the Media Bloggers Association is planning to arrange a seat at the Libby trial for one of his bloggers - Lance Dutson of


Mr Dutson owns the (client-less) web company - "Maine Coast Design". He has ingratiated himself with Bob Cox by offering Mr Cox his services for free.

I have been following Lance Dutson's blog for some time, and have found that most or all of his accusations are brazenly untrue .... untruths about which he has repeatedly been made aware. He has even admitted to knowing that some are inaccurate, but these admissions eventually disappear... and off he goes again, on another rant.

Lance Dutson came out of the gate swinging, and has consistently and pugilistically ignored any invitation to reasonable discourse.

Mr Dutson's champion, Robert Cox, informs me that he has never even read Dutson's blog. I find this, if true, to be an act of extreme negligience.

If you did read Dutson's blog, you would see that the headlines are never corroborated by fact, but rather, link only to more of his own accusations, or even to documents which actually CONTRADICT these accusations.

Apparently, people only read the headlines, and nothing else. And they thoughtlessly believe them.

But Dutson appears to get the most gratification out of making searingly vicious personal attacks on total strangers whom he somehow perceives as enemies. And this list grows longer every day.

If anyone disagrees with him in a comment, he turns his hatred on that commenter, with more vicious lies - about him/her. (Or he deletes the comment entirely. )

His behavior is that of a web troll, and nothing more. I find it unfathomable that anyone would assign a seat at the Libby trial, and its resultant journalistic credibility, to someone without ever having checked his credentials.

Web trolls should be eliminated - not elevated.
commented by Anonymous Seeker, 6:08 PM PST  
There is an interesting update to the Lance Dutson story:


Thank you very much....Linda
commented by Blogger Linda Hutchins, 7:16 PM PDT  
commented by Blogger happy 123, 12:16 AM PDT  

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