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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

help send michelle to camp

little michelle has never experienced a war first hand. yet it's almost all she can talk about. ever since being a stringer in seattle, she has yearned to witness the glory of men and women blowing each other to pieces in the name of some vague concept held by their leaders back home. but she's never gotten closer than a cat fight with andrew sullivan.

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but now you can help. please donate anything you can to the send michelle and curt from flopping aces to baghdad fund. checks can be sent to hot air network llc, 554 n. frederick ave., #115, gaithersburg, md 20877. credit cards and paypal can be used here, at the bottom of the page.
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How much to keep them there?
commented by Blogger Blogenfreude, 10:52 AM PST  
Yeah, I'm not paying nothing if this is a round-trip ticket. She'll just spend the whole time at the hotel bar in the Green Zone and be completely insufferable when she comes back. Not that she's not completely insufferable now...
commented by Blogger Doctor Biobrain, 10:57 AM PST  
She can stay at least until the Eye-raky's can stand up for themselves!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:00 AM PST  
How big must her balls be to ask for money for this trip?

And how stupid are the mouth-breathers (like this one, no doubt) who actually will give her money for this little excursion?

Does anyone truly expect this to result in anything but sycophantic blather about how wonderful Baghdad is this time of year?
commented by Blogger Sinfonian, 11:02 AM PST  
She has an offer from Eason Jordan to pay. Why is she dodging that and asking for donations, other than to throw spittle at the AP Chief? She is committed to going, it seems, and the donations are a goodwill thing (e.g. she is framing this in such a way that it will be pretty humiliating for her to back out now).

It just seems odd not to fully take up Jordan on his offer.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:09 AM PST  
How about we offer her a one way trip to HERE
commented by Blogger nunya, 11:13 AM PST  
One-way tickets for all the war advocates to Baghdad. Let them all supervise their war.

commented by Blogger donna, 11:37 AM PST  
So much for those royalties from Unhinged.
commented by Anonymous DUDACKATTACK!!!, 12:19 PM PST  
I'll donate if she promises to go out with the guys on IED patrol for a couple of days. But I've got a Kennedy half dollar to wager that says she'll never leave the swimming pool at the officer's club.
commented by Blogger Libby Spencer, 12:23 PM PST  
Wasn't the Eason Jordan offer related to her Quest to Prove Jamail Hussein Doesn't Exist?

Are you certain it's still valid?
commented by Blogger Ken Houghton, 12:54 PM PST  
She can still take Eason up on his offer, should it hold up --- either with a follow-up trip or by nominating another citizen to go in her place to do whatever additional research seems warranted.

Quite frankly, although I don't like MM's stridency most of the time, I think she is playing this one very well, and we'll have a chance to see (rather than speculate) how skilled and observatory (a favorite Norm Crosby term) she can be.

We should NOT be afraid of someone asking questions, as long as they honestly report and analyze the data. And we will all have a chance to critique that aspect of her mission.
commented by Anonymous Terry Ott, 12:55 PM PST  
Why doesn't she just sign on with the Army?

They'll pay her to go, cover most of her expenses and she'll get to see the action close up, without bodygaurds telling her where she can and can't go. She might even be able to shoot at some terrorists herself!

I don't see a downside to this idea.
commented by Blogger Weaseldog, 1:28 PM PST  
Dr. Biobrain's right-- all Malking will do is hole herself up in the heart of the Green Zone, and then come back and talk about how peaceful Iraq is and how badly the "liberal media" is distorting the situation.

Now, if she was actually going to leave the Green Zone and go all around Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Fallujah, Anbar Province (you know, those places where the war is actually going on) then perhaps that would mean something.

But this is just a farce to give her idiotic worldview a veneer of respectability-- I have no doubt that no matter what she sees (which probably won't be much anyway) she'll come back and be even more insufferable, deflecting all criticism with "Well I was THERE!!! I SAW it!!! When were YOU there????" or something similarly...unhinged.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:56 PM PST  
They are going to be embedded with military??!? If it's so hunky dory there why not live outside of the green zone and the military..
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:28 PM PST  
Umm rather than pay for her to go, why not get money together to document her stay in iraq... that way when she (undoubtedly) waxes poetic on cherry picked 'successes' the sane people can show pictures of her throwing back mai-tais at the OC.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:24 PM PST  
Terry Ott, you said "honestly report and analyze the data". Are you talking about the same Michelle Malkin the rest of us are?
commented by Anonymous KCinDC, 8:59 PM PST  

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