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Monday, January 22, 2007

free wheelin'

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marcy wheeler, aka emptywheel, got a nice write up in the ann arbor news for her part as observer in the scooter libby trial:

when assistant u.s. attorney general patrick fitzgerald delivers opening arguments today in the perjury trial of former white house staffer i. lewis "scooter'' libby, internet users globally will be able to read about it as it's happening for the first time in history.

many segments of the blogosphere will be reading marcy wheeler's take on the action.

wheeler, a business consultant from ann arbor, is one of a handful of bloggers to receive press credentials for the trial emanating from the cia leak scandal that reached the upper echelon of president bush's administration and put some of the most reputable names in national journalism under scrutiny.

known in reporting circles and in cyberspace as one of the top researchers and commentators on the scandal by her pseudonym, emptywheel, wheeler will be relaying the legal play-by-play from the designated press room alongside some 100 credentialed journalists from around the world…

for the better part of two years, wheeler has immersed herself in case filings, government reports and interview transcripts, filling the office of her westside ann arbor home with overflowing stacks of paperwork and 11 thick binders that attorneys working on the case would probably be proud of.

her borderline obsession with the case began out of frustration with the national media that she says were first exploited by elected leaders to sell the public on the need to invade iraq in 2003; and then bullied once arguments about iraq's weapons of mass destruction and ties to terrorists rang hollow.
that pretty much sums up all of our bordline obsessions.
the article provides a nice-indepth (for dead trees media) look at the background of the libby fiasco, as well as flattering to marcy:

aside from the intrigue and hype, the case strikes at the heart of america's ability to sustain its democracy, wheeler said. government officials were blatantly willing to use the press to achieve their goals, and the reporters appeared to acquiesce to maintain their access to powerful people.

"the case captures the question of honesty within the administration and the question of complicity within the d.c. press corps leading up to the invasion of iraq,'' she said. "that's one of reasons why this case lit a fire under people because it captures those elements in one”…

wheeler, a new york state native who came to ann arbor for a ph.d. in 1995, makes no apologies for her long-standing commitment to the democratic party. although a long-time political observer, she got her real first taste of political activism while campaigning for former presidential hopeful howard dean in 2004 and is a former vice chairwoman for the washtenaw county democratic party.

between daily blogging and her work schedule, wheeler remains the group's spokeswoman. although she admits her blogs tend to appeal to those left of center politically, she has earned praise from her counterparts on the right and gained credibility on both sides of the political spectrum to be invited to discuss the case at national seminars.

and at the yearlykos.
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...makes no apologies for her long-standing commitment to the democratic[sic] party.

What the hell?
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