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Friday, January 05, 2007

credit where debit is due

tho we are always loathe to link to the jawa report (and we have good reason to be so), we must bring your attention to the fact that said hardly-ever-right wing blog has admitted that, assuming the story that of the verified existence of capt. jamil hussein, the great white whale which capt. ahab malkin was about to set off to find (if queeg-queeg paid for her trip), then the jawa report, among many others, was wrong:

assuming the story is accurate, we here and elsewhere were incorrect positing that jamil hussein did not exist.
it takes a lot to admit one is wrong, and such equivocating and qualifying is actually as close as the hardly-ever-right wing will ever come to do so.

congratulations, jawa report. you're almost acting like adults.

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