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Saturday, December 16, 2006

we're #8! we're #8!

congratulations to think progress, which won the coveted best liberal blog of the 2006 weblog awards, with a commanding 28.9% of the votes cast.

The 2006 Weblog Awards

our personal favorite (besides, us, of course), is the indefatigable digby's hullabaloo, who came in second, with 17.23% of the votes.

the surprise, at least to us, was atrios showing third, only marginally ahead of jesus' general, with less than 200 votes separating the two blogs.

luckily for us, we came in third to last place. we wouldn't have been able to hold our heads high in blogtopia, nor would we have been able to brag that yes! we coined that phrase! had we come in last, or second to last. (tho we have to say to bring it on! and legal fiction, that's nothing to be ashamed of. really. it's not.)

kudos to those blogs, as well as pandagon, shakespeare's sister and bitch, ph.d., for running a clean and positive campaign, unlike some of the other blog campaigns (we won't mention anyone by name, but if you go to an outside bathroom in an alternative community, you might know what we're talking about).

ps, congrats to impolitic, who did way better than our blog, coming in third for her category. and, of course, congrats to the moderate voice who managed to rise above the intra-blog snipping and win best centrist blog.

finally a heart-felt congratulations to everyone who won, who lost, who plan on keeping the "2006 weblog finalist" banner on their blog for the next year (we do), to everyone who participated. as we have said before (ie, every year when we don't even make the finals of the koufax awards), it's just an honor to be nominated.
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You were robbed. Robbed, I tell ya.
commented by Blogger creature, 2:36 PM PST  
Congratulations. A song for you.
commented by Blogger Jon Swift, 2:50 PM PST  
that was such a hard category. i voted for all of you guys every day (multiple open computers at work).
commented by Blogger shayera, 2:51 PM PST  
we who finished 14th in the '03 awards in this category (to skippy's 12th that year... out of 20!) salute you... well done.

and i agree wholeheartedly on tmv...

--the talking dog
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:16 PM PST  
woah, talking dog, i didnt' even know we were nominated in 03!
commented by Blogger skippy, 3:42 PM PST  
Congratulations skippy and a heartfelt thanks to you for the endorsement. I couldn't have done it without your help.

And a big thanks to everyone here who helped this old blogger out. You folks make me proud to be a small part of Left Blogtopia (y.sctp!).
commented by Blogger Libby Spencer, 3:48 PM PST  
by the way, jon, thanks, but i prefer "conjunction junction, what's your function?"
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:22 PM PST  

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