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Thursday, December 21, 2006

there's snow business like snow business

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denver shut down as major storm hits:

more than 30 inches of snow fell in the mountains and up to two feet fell in the denver metro area wednesday and early thursday. the final tally once the storm ends could be between 2 and 4 feet of snow, cbs early show meteorologist dave price reported. the dry, flaky snow, blowing and drifting, will make visibility a big problem...

the storm comes after forecasters predicted a dryer-than-average winter, rick salinger of cbs station kcnc-tv in denver reported.

the wind-whipped snow was finally expected to taper off in colorado on thursday afternoon. to the east, warmer temperatures meant even chicago was only forecast to get heavy rain as the storm moved through.

in colorado's eastern half, though, few travelers were going anywhere thursday morning. the colorado springs airport reopened and some airlines were flying, but getting there was nearly impossible.

some denver airport monitors tantalized travelers by listing "on time" beside arrivals and departures, but [airport spokesman steve] snyder said that was probably caused by a computer glitch.

people spent the night at the airport on cots, in chairs or on the stone floor. some slept within the roped-off lanes in front of the check-in counters, hoping to get first crack at a flight.
some colorado cities have become ghost towns:

in denver, colorado springs and other cities along the rocky mountain front range, workers slipped and slid their way home on wednesday and stayed there, leaving the cities virtual ghost towns thursday, typically a busy shopping day. a few pedestrians trudged down the middle of unplowed streets as the snow continued…

in colorado’s socked-in eastern half, few travelers were going anywhere.

the colorado springs airport reopened and some airlines were flying, but getting there was nearly impossible.

gov. bill owens declared a state of emergency and activated the national guard, which assisted dozens of motorists on the highways around denver and delivered diapers, formula and bottled water to denver’s airport.

long stretches of interstates 70 and 25, the main east-west and north-south routes through the mountain west, were closed. interstate 76 was closed from denver to nebraska.

police in the denver suburb of broomfield rescued nearly 100 people who had been stranded in cars along u.s. 36, the main route between denver and boulder.

national guard and sheriff’s deputies rescued about 50 people overnight from snowbound vehicles in weld county, where up to 22 inches of snow fell. about 18 others were still stuck in their cars thursday morning, said weld county emergency management director roy rudisill.
we hope our buds at talkleft are keeping warm!

addendum: cookie jill sends us the link to the colorado snow cams! watch it snow! live!

double addendum: our blog buddy jeralyn merritt has wandered out into the snow to take pictures! she's nuts! but here they are!

triple addendum: big thanks to jeralyn for using our pic of her blog snow-bound! we love photoshop!
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sorry for them, but that snowpack means water for us.
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