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Thursday, December 28, 2006

speaking of dead people

some blogs just can't leave well enough alone.

we are unable to confirm the fact that mark spittle, of spittle and ink, was poisoned with radioactive polonium, and died on christmas day in tampa, fla. his website states:

authorities are investigating whether the poisoning was due to mark’s intention to run for the office of presidency of the russian federation, against vladimir putin’s intended successor, dimitry medvedev. authorities are not ruling out that mark may have been killed by a conservative blogger, either. or a liberal blogger, for that matter. or another podcaster.

mark leaves behind a wife, solange, and three sons, marjorie, bettina and judith. he was buried next to his mother, who hated him passionately, at kensico cemetary in his home state of new york. his only dying wish was that his tombstone read “don’t organize. mourn!” this was honored.
on a related note (dead people), the satirical political report gives us awol's utlimate tribute to gerald ford: whip insurgents now!

addendum: keeping with the theme, poutonian over at digby's place has a guest post by the late, great political cartoonist herbert block.
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