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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Memory Lane - David Brooks edition #3

Online NewsHours: Shields and Brooks, December 26, 2003

I think the Democrats have committed political suicide. I think in the 1990s they had a solution, a formula for winning elections. This was the third way formula that Tony Blair and Bill Clinton came up with. It was for middle class tax cuts, it was moderate but religious on values; it was for free trade. And this was like a quarterback with a pass pattern that works every single time. The defense doesn't know what to do about it but they gave it up. They walked away from that strategy. And it's mystifying to Republicans why they would walk away but they have walked away and they walked away in part because some of the things Mark has talked about, which is the polarization of both parties. I'm not sure it is all Bush and DeLay's fault. I think the country has just become polarized. It is become much harder for either party to be a third way centrist party.
Why is David Brooks so sure, so vapid and so wrong? Because he knows no matter what he says, he'll never be fired. And people complain about tenured professors. Sheesh.
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I don't complain about tenured professors. They earn it. I complain about partisan hacks who make millions while the little guy who really knows what is going on makes nothing.
Brooks is only good when he's being snide or catty (and then he can be Hillarious). But the moment he tries to pretend he's serious - he's a dunder-head on talking wheels....Wheeeeeeeee! (right off a cliff)
commented by Anonymous karenmcl, 11:37 AM PST  
Wow. A year ago, plus a day, he displayed yet again another monument to stoopidity, and a demonstration why the Times shouldn't engage in affirmative action for pasty white conservatives...
commented by Blogger Carl, 11:53 AM PST  
Ahhh, Bobo.

What? You dont have any recent idiocy from him?
commented by Blogger nunya, 12:16 PM PST  
Once again it is proven there is a fine line between being a Pimp and a Journalist....He should not be allowed to make "statements" about"polarity".....Polarity is Created by Division, and usually it is about Division that affects people....he makes it sound like some kind of rare disorder passing through the region...The bigger question after Judy Miller and all of her"tenured" antics, are they paid well enough for their Propaganda Efforts....
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 5:44 PM PST  

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