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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

john edwards crosses over, enters presidential race

the amazing nedra pickler of asspress tells us, in sentences so clumsily contructed that it's hard to figure out exactly what happened, that former vp candidate john edwards has announced his candidacy for president:

former democratic vice presidential nominee john edwards jumped into the presidential race wednesday a day earlier than he'd planned, prodded by an internet glitch to launch a candidacy focused on health care, taxes and other domestic issues.
what's that, nedra? was edwards going to run on foreign policy, taming the deficit and the war in iraq, except some strange mistake in the internets caused him to change his entire platform? some "glitch" made him dump his previous agenda?

"damn! i sure wanted to bring the troops home, but that stupid html code is forcing me to concentrate on domestic issues!"

nedra, nedra, nedra! commas, even parathases, are your friend. use them wisely.

she goes on to explain:

the north carolina democrat's campaign accidentally went live with his election web site a day before an announcement thursday that was supposed to use hurricane-ravaged new orleans as a backdrop.

the slip-up gave an unintended double-meaning to his campaign slogan on the john edwards '08 web site: "tomorrow begins today."

aides quickly shut down the errant web site but could not contain news of the obvious, even in the shadows of former president ford's death.

"better a day earlier than a day late," said jennifer palmieri, an edwards adviser.
is that advice for nedra taking a writing class?
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this looks like a precursor to his campaign. Looks like it gonna go nowhere. My heart bleeds.
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