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Saturday, December 30, 2006

in the althouse again

prof. alternative outhouse is at it again...this time incorrectly attributing threatening comments on her blog to a former student and blogger, and refusing to correct the mistake when called on it.

derve gives us the low down on yet another attempt by prof. alternative outhouse to drive up her blog traffic:

the reason comment moderation is enabled is because i called her on her lie, asking for proof of what she wrote linking me, a former student, to the person who threatened her car. it's been all day, and i still haven't seen it. though everyone did catch that she cried, like a baby, and called people racists for disagreeing with her. suddenly, i feel in good company. i take responsibility for what i’ve written, but not what’s being unfairly pinned on me from someone althouse insinuates is me. if it ain't by derve or mary, those are enemies you cultivated on your own, professor; don't go around smearing former students without any proof.

what i ask your readers to think about:

how easy is it to manipulate blog comments? why does she allow some vulgar comments to stay up, yet delete honest others who may choose strong words? does she know certain commenters are, tracking their isps? really though, how easy would it be to pretend you are a left-leaning voter and comment outrageously to make them look bad? is this happening there? is anybody tracking the commenters? (i’m just glad they’re not being portrayed in nyt articles as the “voice of the people” anymore, without a positive verification of who’s writing what.)

finally, is there a line that should not be crossed when a professor is blogging? because it sure felt like it reading my name there this morning. if you disagree with what derve wrote, disagree. i have several times said my real name that i posted under previously was “mary”. my blogs are linked. i’m not hiding anything.

but to identify me, mary, as someone else writing negatively about you, and then to wrap that all up with the “former student” label, that’s not cool, professor. not cool to uw, not cool to me. i’m not going to generate all the much traffic for you; why the heck would you choose to lie on your blog about a former student? i honestly don’t get it.

my defense – that’s what i was trying to get into the comment section all morning on her blog, which originally contained the falsehood. it kept getting deleted, as she let in the posts repeating the lie and joking further on it. was it really worth it?? why target somebody small like me?

perhaps the good professor is being "abused" online. perhaps she should use her tracking system to determine who is "abusing" her before making false accusations against former students. in short, don't lie online about your former students, professor.
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