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Sunday, December 24, 2006

"i'll be broke"

promises aren't the only thing gov. ah-nold breaks, according to our favorite newspaper named after an insect, the sacramento bee:

gov. arnold schwarzenegger broke his right leg while skiing saturday morning in sun valley, idaho, the exclusive resort town where he maintains a vacation home.

the governor is scheduled to have surgery on his right femur when he returns to california after christmas, mere days before his scheduled jan. 5 inauguration, according to the governor's office.

he was treated and released saturday from a hospital in sun valley, where x-rays revealed the fracture in his femur, located in the thigh.
wonder how difficult it's going to be for the governator in the hospital when he needs a nurse?

[ed. note: cookie jill already blogged about this here. we really outght to start reading our own blog before we write]
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Welll, this got this ol' nurse's blood boiling..what the heck...the Governator is a problem, cause he hasn't a clue about the Health Crisis in this country- in providing care or taking care of the caregivers...

( Skippy and co. thank you so much for adding Watergate Summer to the Skippy Blogroll- I am beyond honored, I do love coming here and sending folks here....and now Santa can take that wish off his list ;-) )

Happy Holidays to all the Skippy Crew thank you so much for a great year in Blogatopia....
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 1:52 AM PST  
He broke his leg? I heard it was his back...
commented by Blogger George, 9:06 AM PST  
Hey...this is old news. I blogged about it last night! ;-)

commented by Blogger cookie jill, 9:42 AM PST  

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