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Thursday, December 21, 2006

forget the alamo

new "moto" of texas could be "remember the rain?"
as much as 20 percent of the state remains in exceptional drought and a similar percentage is enduring extreme drought, texas cooperative extension drought specialist travis miller said.

...the drought, now in about its 20th month, also sparked deadly wildfires and dropped lake levels to their lowest point for this time of year since 1978.

...the drought cost the state -- the nation's leading producer of cotton and cattle -- $2.5 billion in lost crops and $1.6 billion in livestock losses

...in september, about 24,000 texas producers in 216 drought-stressed counties became eligible for $16.1 million from the federal livestock assistance grant program.

sen. kay bailey hutchison, r-texas, recently told texas farm bureau members she had "every confidence" federal disaster assistance would materialize in the next budget. - ap

hey kay, hate to remind you, but there ain't no money. your buddyboy awol's spending it all over in iraq. and, um, in regards to money going toward disaster assistance, you might want to talk to louisiana on how that's coming along.

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Fuck em. Give Texas back to Mexico.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:25 AM PST  
"Motto," not "Moto."
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:23 PM PST  

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