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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

f*ck the 2006 weblog awards, we won a monkeyfister!

yes, the crew at skippy won a coveted first annual golden monkeyfister award! we, along with the great blogs of wtf is it now, scrutiny hooligans, corrente wire, rising hegemon, dependable renegade, blah3, dohiyi mir, suburban guerilla, first draft, one good move, excuse the mess, that was just my head (or "brain," depending on whether you want to get the title right or get the award), the sideshow, main and central, and two blogs we weren't aware of, today in iraq and cryptome, were singled out by monkeyfister for being...well, we're not sure, but we'll take the award, with tears in our eyes, and gratitude in our hearts. these awards are, as monkeyfister himself says:

given to those whom, i think, are simply kickass; who do great work under wildly extreme conditions, and are not supported by some filthy rich liberal institution; but rather work their asses off out of their own pocket, and on their own time to bring their readers incredible and worthy news. these bloggers did not reach their place by being rich, snotty, well-connected, insider, industry kidz... they've each and every one of them, earned their place in the blogosphere through hard work, and tenacity.
and yes, he did incorrectly say "the blogosphere," but don't worry, during our award ceremony, monkeyfister did say "blogtopia" and correctly attributed the coinage of that phrase!

thanks, monkeyfister, and we'd like to thank god and all the little bloggers, without whom we couldn't have made it this far.
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lovin' you skippy, and your whole buncha roos!

you all are fantastic!

commented by Blogger --mf, 1:45 AM PST  
oh... and you are welcome to use the "monkeyfist award" graphic... you certainly earned it!

heh! (mwaah!!!) to all of you!


commented by Blogger --mf, 1:49 AM PST  
I love how you keep getting nominated for awards in spite of the stuff I write over here. That's so cool.

Congratulations on winning one, skippy...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 4:55 AM PST  
Congrats, skippy and all the skippies!
commented by Blogger Tata, 5:38 AM PST  

Um, Skippy? Point of information here...regarding the usage of "blogtopia" and "blogosphere".

I've been careful, of course, to always credit you with the coining of the phrase "blogtopia" (even if I did take credit for using "blogtopic" as a derivative).

However, I took that word to mean the left side of the blogging universe, and so I use "blogosphere" for the side of the blogging universe that employs orcs to type their columns.

Is that incorrect?
commented by Blogger Carl, 7:59 AM PST  
commented by Blogger maru, 8:18 AM PST  
Are you saying we got "fisted?"

commented by Blogger cookie jill, 8:25 AM PST  
carl, you are correct.

while i originally meant "blogtopia" to mean "all the cyberspace containing blogs of all stripes," it gradually grew to mean "lefty-progressive blogs."

good call.

and mimus, you, as a skippy co-blogger, are sharing in the monkeyfister award. pls. read the monkeyfister post. it specifically mentions the whole "crew" at skippy (and my thank you speech at mf singled you out as well).
commented by Blogger skippy, 9:18 AM PST  
As a member of the crew I am happy to learn that we have been monkeyfisted because I thought I felt something and this explains it.
commented by Blogger DBK, 10:26 AM PST  


i am so sad you are not rich and snotty.

commented by Blogger stagemom, 3:47 PM PST  

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