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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

the deification of ford

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we hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.

now that president ford has passed on to that great un-elected office in the sky, the mmm (multi-millionaire media) have begun to remember what a powerful, forthright, healing, integritous leader he was.

uh, are they talking about the same gerald ford that we remember?

not to speak ill of the dead, but the best thing we can come up with as ford's legacy is "whip inflation now." and if all that one can remember of your administration is a catchy slogan, we're not so sure that you qualify as a brilliant leader.

(granted, we bet awol hopes and prays to his god nightly that the worst people remember him for is his catchy slogans: "bring it on!" "raise the pie higher!" and "fool me once, shame on, shame on you, fool me, can't get fooled again!")

mind you, there was nothing particualrly terrible about ford. of course, following nixon could make coolidge look like wilson, wilson look like roosevelt, and roosevelt look like roosevelt.

but we'd have to ask ourselves, having not only lived through ford's presidency, but having made actual comedy for a salary about him during those years, is the ford in today's papers the same one we remember? we think not.

gerald r. ford: a healer of wounds sez the washpost.

woah! not only deified, but performing miracles! and by acts of god, no less:

gerald r. ford was the most accidental of american presidents, but when he unexpectedly appeared at the crossroads of history, he seemed to have been placed there by a deliberate act of providence.
you can't get any more godly than that.

and the asspress spares no superlative in describing president ford's tenure: former president gerald ford hailed as selfless leader who led nation through strange chapter.

[ed. note: if the 70's were a strange chapter, this the 21st century is a heavy metal comic book.]

“with his quiet integrity, common sense and kind instincts, president ford helped heal our land and restore public confidence in the presidency,” president bush said in a statement to the nation from his texas ranch wednesday.
jealous much, georgy?

time magazine pulls out all stops: gerald ford: steady hand for a nation in crisis.

again, we have to say, if we were in crisis back then, then today we are in the apocalypse! and ford's hand wasn't all that steady (certain his wife's wasn't...but enough aa jokes). sure, he oversaw the helsinki accordes, and the salt ii agreements, but we had to look those up to even remember his accomplishments.

we're not saying he didn't do a good job. compared to the last few guys who held the office, he rated a solid b-. but we are afraid that the media is going to use his passing as an excuse to prop up an ailing publian party...any old excuse for a tongue bath, as the saying goes.

don't get us wrong. president ford was a moderate republican, the last of a dying breed, and were he in politics today, limbaugh, hannity and coulter would be screeching him out of the party for being so wimpy. he was a good man, and a decent president. we offer our sincere condolences to his family (and betty, sorry about the 'steady hand' joke).

but he was no healer of a divided nation. if that were true, why are we more divide than ever?

addendum: neurophius, in our comment section, puts it far more succinctly than we do (and we apologize for being so sneaky as to mention it at the end of our long-winded tirade, rather than the beginning, where you would be able to skip our words completely):

...it just occurred to me what bothers me so much about the line that ford “healed the nation’s wounds” when he pardoned nixon.

ford didn’t heal the nation. what he did was to take a major step toward healing the republican party so that it could come back and bite the country on the ass in 1980 with the election of reagan.

or so it seems to me.

i say this with all due respect for the departed former president. but let us not forget the facts.
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Posted first at firedoglake.com:

...It just occurred to me what bothers me so much about the line that Ford “healed the nation’s wounds” when he pardoned Nixon.

Ford didn’t heal the nation. What he did was to take a major step toward healing the Republican Party so that it could come back and bite the country on the ass in 1980 with the election of Reagan.

Or so it seems to me.

I say this with all due respect for the departed former president. But let us not forget the facts.

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commented by Anonymous neurophius, 10:24 PM PST  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:29 PM PST  
Oh, please. Blaming Gerald Ford for the mess we're in today is like blaming whoever invented condoms for teen sex. He pardoned Nixon, but that doesn't mean he endorsed unbridled criminality in politics or screeching infantilism in diplomacy. Or willful stupidity in going to war...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 9:25 AM PST  
mimus, you are mistaken. He did endorse criminality in politics and government. Pardoning Nixon was the first step to preventing congressional oversight of the executive branch. George H W Bush was put in charge of the CIA to prevent congressional oversight. Each and every choice Ford made while in office was in favor of corruption and a dismissal of justice. He placed party over country every single time. There is no greater corruption in politics than that.
commented by Blogger the bewilderness, 1:38 PM PST  
My sentiments exactly bewilderness . I will give him this. In a letter opened after his death, he did say Bush was wrong about Iraq. Maybe the only good thing he did.
commented by Anonymous demeur, 3:43 PM PST  
As if Ford saw the likes of Abramoff, DeLay, and Gingrich coming. Come on! Ford couldn't navigate a flight of steps without falling upon his own head. He was a blind Republican hack years before the future of your average blind Republican hack was so bright that wearing shades was a necessity, not an option. By the way, has it occurred to anyone that Ford made the choices he made because he'd taken too many direct hits to the skull? Wasn't he a lineman in college? His brain had the consistency of applesauce when he died! Give that dude a fucking break, okay?
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 4:36 PM PST  
Oh, no, we are trapped in italics land. Hmm.

Ford was a wonderful dunce of a guy. If he held office because he held the door open for Nixon to leave and didn't kick him too hard in the ass on the way out . . . well, I was just glad Nixon was gone.
commented by Blogger The Heretik, 5:07 PM PST  
it's timo from gilly's and jen's.

sheesh sickening isnt it? this is so much like communism that I lived through; there also a stottering, slouching, obese, clearly retarded party hack was made into a genius, who upon entering a hall where he was making a speech err i mean reading in a monotone voice whatever was written for him, would get a standing ovation and almost a blowjob (metaphorically speaking) from the TV news person announcing him, the great leader.

wow, USA, we have achieved communism.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:41 PM PST  
This was a great post...really brings it all into focus...saw a post over at Huffingtons- about how SNL killed his run for Presidency and I about spewed ...thank heavens we have Skippy to set us all straight- and no you remembered it all just fine...
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 9:53 PM PST  

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