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Friday, December 29, 2006

barrack to basics

johnathan singer, over at mydd, makes an interesting discover with the new arg poll...no, not that it sounds like what capt. dyke says when she keelhauls angelina jolie...but that, unlike what the cw would have you believe (not the tv network, the conventional wisdom), it's not obama that sen. clinton should be looking over her shoulder and sweating about. no, it's john "crossing over" edwards:

clinton - iowa 31% - nevada 37% - s. carolina 34% - new hampshire 27%

edwards - iowa 20% - nevada 8% - s. carolina 31% - n. hampshire 18%

obama - iowa 10% - nevada 12% - s. carolina 10% - live free or die 21%
everyone else is in single digits, with the exception of undecided, who seems to be holding his own in third place. perhaps a vice presidential nomination is in his future. and, we're not sure, but we think undecided is distantly related to nunally a. bove.
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don't agree. Edwards has a bump while Hillary lays low and Obama is on vacation. Plus, everyone know Edwards is running. he's always running for prez.
but, there is doubt about the other two.
Hillary and Edwards has high name recognition. No one knows if Obama is running and if the media thing was real.
Plus, many don't know his positions.
I do as he is my senator. But, if he runs they will know. Until then, he isn't going to shoot off his mouth. Just the way he is.
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Ah, Me Skippy, how th'Divine A.J. loves a good keelhaulin'!
commented by Anonymous Cap'n Dyke, 6:05 PM PST  

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