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Sunday, December 10, 2006

apparently only one person in the united states is stupid enough to oppose it

the iraq study group arrives at the obvious conclusions

tho we personally think the "iraq study group" sounds like an afterschool assignment, the majority of americans agree w/mr. baker and his buddies. newsweek:

that places the president in a distinct minority. according to the newsweek poll, more than two out of three americans believe the united states is losing ground in iraq (68 percent), versus 21 percent who say it is making progress—the most pessimistic assessment the newsweek poll has ever recorded. a near-record 53 percent believe invading iraq was a mistake, compared to 39 percent who say it was the right course of action.

in fact, the public goes farther than the baker-hamilton report. sixty-two percent of americans want the bush administration to set a timetable for withdrawal. and not in the distant future. forty-eight percent of americans want u.s. soldiers and marines to come home now or within the next year. add in the 19 percent who say they would support u.s. troops remaining in iraq one to two years more and 67 percent of americans say they would support keeping large numbers of u.s. military personnel in iraq for no more than another year or two.
too bad the one person that disagrees is the one in the oval office.

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