s skippy the bush kangaroo: 5 troops killed by iraqi insurgents...time for a 'surge'

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Friday, December 22, 2006

5 troops killed by iraqi insurgents...time for a 'surge'

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insurgent attacks killed five more american troops west of the iraqi capital, the military said friday, making december the second deadliest month for u.s. servicemen in 2006.

so far this month, 76 american troops have died in iraq, the same number that were killed in all of april. with nine days remaining in december, the monthly total of u.s. deaths could meet or exceed the death toll of 105 in october.

as american deaths in the war pushed closer to 3,000, iraqis continued to fall victim to sectarian violence between shiites and sunnis. police recovered 21 more bodies in the cities of baghdad, baqouba and kut. with 140,000 u.s. troops now in iraq, president bush is considering whether to send thousands more to control the bloodshed. - asspress
good time for a surge, wouldn't you say?
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