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Thursday, November 30, 2006


media matters alerted us to the hardly-ever-right wing's latest fad: the war on penguins.

michael "golden turkey awards" medved, writing in usatoady, is all a-twitter that the latest animated family film happy feet is actually - gasp - liberal propaganda disguised as children's entertainment! even worse, there's a kiddie book out (tango makes three) that discusses the real-life phenomenon of two male penguins (in the central park zoo) who

unfortunately, the marketing never acknowledged the movie's unmistakably alarming, discomfiting and politically potent elements? enraging no small number of unprepared parents. the endearing creatures on screen face the deadly menace of leopard seals, killer whales and, most of all, human pollution, overconsumption and exploitation. in the advance screening i attended, one worried mother of a 5-year-old took her anxious, fretful, anguished little boy from the theater during the film's relentless scenes of cute and cuddly penguins in intense pain and deadly peril. the next week, a correspondent who called himself "mikep29p" wrote on my website: "unfortunately i read michael's movie review a day too late. we took our kids ages 6 and 4 last night because they wanted to go because they saw the commercials. i thought an animated movie about penguins would be ok. one of the darkest most disturbing movies i have ever seen. needless to say, my 4-year-old was terrified."
aside from the fact that the movie is rated "pg" for parental guidance (not penguinn gore"), which places the responsibility squarely back on the shoulders of the parent, medved's use of the violence distraction only serves tocamouflagede his real concern: the penguins story has the message that we should take care of our planet.

gasp! more liberal propaganda!!!

in the new york times, film critic manohla dargis described this animated offering as "a piercingly sad story about the devastation being visited on the natural world." she allows that director george miller "plunges his hapless hero into a nightmare worthy of samuel fuller's shock corridor. as politically pointed as it is disturbing, it is a view of hell as seen through the eyes and ears of creatures we foolishly, tragically call dumb."

of course, many parents might not relish the idea of exposing their kiddies to a "view of hell," no matter how much they agree with a movie's propagandistic purposes? nor would they necessarily welcome a picture book for 4-year-olds that has plunged an illinois school into the bitter debate over same-sex marriage.
nice segue, mike! now let's talk about the evils of homo-sick-suwuls, and how the liberal media is forcing the gay agenda down our children's throats.

(yes, that pun was intended. we apologize.)

medved goes on to rail against tango makes three, pointing out news stories that report that one of the homosexual penguin daddies actually left the alternative-penguin-lifestyle configuration for a girl penguin, as if that somehow negated what went on before (a victory for sexual re-conditioning schools, we suppose).

however medved fails to mention those same news stories point out that there's still other same-sex couples amongst thantarcticic bird population.

tho we digress, and we do it well, our point here is that the only connection between these two bogeymen that the right needs to rail at is...penguins.

only in the mind of medved can there be one single column about the evils of two completely different issues...global warming and homosexuality...and how the "liberal media" is brainwashing our children.

we guess we're just lucky that crown hasn't published "lucky the penguin hates christmas." then medved would have really had something to whine about.

oh, by the way, michael...happy feet was #1 two weeks in a row.

[ed. note: for fun reading, check out the comments left on the usatoady page of medved's column, the majority of which deride medved for his faulty reasoning, strawmen, and generapetulantnt attitude. we especially like the one comment by a conservative reader that accuses usatoady of "only publishing" comments against medved, as if someone had the time to monitor the comments and throw out all the conservative, positives ones. here's a clue, bub: there weren't any!!!]
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one of the darkest most disturbing movies i have ever seen.

Why do I get the feeling this guy was only allowed to watch "Davey & Goliath" for Saturday morning cartoons?
commented by Blogger Carl, 11:15 AM PST  
...any adult - a parent, no less - trying to seriously make the claim that "Happy Feet" is the "darkest most disturbing movie" he has ever seen is herebye disqualified from ever being taken seriously again...

I saw "Happy Feet"; it has about the same amount of disturbing darkness as "Finding Nemo", who's anti-development/anti-aquarium-industry message would surely leave Mr. Medved incontinent and curled up on the floor...
commented by Blogger Jack K., 11:29 AM PST  
Shouldn't Medved be happy that the movie is dark? It's never too early to start training those young'uns for the horrors of war.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:40 PM PST  
Give me a windowless room, Mr. Medved, a DVD player, a copy of Akira, and the key to the room. I'll show him what dark and disturbing animation is...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 3:58 PM PST  

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