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Friday, November 17, 2006

news from the land of $1.2 million median priced homes

yeah...that would be santa barbara.

hospitals are going to the homeless.

an alarming number of homeless are dying on the streets of santa barbara so today, health care workers are bringing the hospital to the streets.

about 300 people received sidewalk checkups. it's all part of an innovative new program in santa barbara to provide preventive health care for the homeless.

michael steinberg is getting "the works" -- a flu and tetanus shot and a tb and hiv test. all are free of charge.

the healthy neighbors program was started last year with the help of ken williams. the social worker and homeless advocate helped convince hundreds to get themselves checked out. last year, 39 people died on the streets of santa barbara. as the winter approaches -- or "dying season," as williams grimly calls it -- a little preventative medicine is extremely important.

"i got tired of seeing people die," says williams. - ksby
not all the homeless here in town are "down and out losers"....there are quite a number of "homeless folks" who are actually employed full time at the county or city. there simply are not enough reasonably priced homes available. everyone wants to build and sell that "luxury" house and not care about the people who actually work in the community.

the owner of the local newspaper (the santa barbara snooze suppress) is still at war with the towns residents. and...wow...does the american journalism review have the "skinny" on the "smackdown."
under mccaw, a libertarian, news-press editorials evolved from respectful, cautious, reasonably argued pieces to raucous assaults, sometimes on the paper's own reporters, with attacks on the coastal commission, affordable housing and the local rodeo, an affront to mccaw's animal rights sensibilities. through her executives, mccaw worked her will: "it was always about news content and news reporters," says an insider no longer at the paper. "if one story wasn't the way she wanted it, it was off with their heads," with cole "just doing her bidding."
ah...just another week in "paradise"
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nice place???
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