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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

like this calendar, awol's days are numbered

sourcebooks publishing is offering a great wall calendar for 2007, the george w. bush out of office countdown calendar.

tony viardo of sourcebooks tells us you can go to amazon to order this calendar at a discount, and even tho the amazong page says they're out of stock, they will get another order on dec. 5, and you get free shipping.

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I almost like the idea, but I saw this at a local Barnes & Noble and considered it for a gift to a fellow Bush-hater but then I thought I can't imagine having to stare at this idiot every single day even if it's in fun. There are days I can't stomach listening to him so that I'll wait for a transcript just so I don't have to. If I actually worked in a government office where I had to see his portrait hung on the wall day after day for eight years, I'd have to quit and give up my hypothetical pension.
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Seems like a good xmas present.
commented by Blogger beepbeepitsme, 5:45 AM PST  

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