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Friday, November 24, 2006

happy thanksgiving from the democratically-controlled congress

seeking information about detention of terrorism suspects, abuse of detainees and government secrecy, democrats on the senate judiciary committee are reviving dozens of demands for classified documents that until now have been rebuffed or ignored by the justice department and other agencies.

“i expect real answers, or we’ll have testimony under oath until we get them,” senator patrick j. leahy of vermont, who will head the committee beginning in january, said in an interview this week. “we’re entitled to know these answers, and in many instances we don’t get them because people are hiding their mistakes. and that’s no excuse.”

mr. leahy, who has said little about his plans for the committee, expressed hope for greater cooperation from the bush administration, which he described as having been “obsessively secretive.” his aides have identified more than 65 requests he has made to the justice department or other agencies in recent years that have been rejected or permitted to languish without reply.

now that they are about to control congress, what he and other democrats regard as a record of unresponsiveness has energized their renewal of longstanding requests for information about some of the administration’s most hidden and fiercely debated operations. in addition, other such requests by committee members deal with subjects like voter fraud, immigration and background inquiries on supreme court nominees. - nytimes
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