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Monday, November 20, 2006

the general visits "big ed"

listen in.

ed schultz: .....what can - final question - what can the democratic majority do about this? i mean, we still have the commander in chief.

general wesley clark: probably less than the american people would like, because i think that short of subpoenas and funding cut-offs and so forth, it's, it's hard for congress to directly shape foreign policy. but clearly this election has been a real shot across the bough for the republican party, and i think that despite the protestations of, of the president and dick cheney, they got the message. they cannot stay the course, because it's not working, and they can't lie about it, or they can't represent it as progress to the american people any longer. it's not progress.

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The general wasn't very promotive of himself when asked about the presidency, as other potential candidates are even if unannounced. He should have used the opportunity to make his case while still dodging the question of whether he'll run. I just hope this is not another Mark Warner situation brewing.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:26 AM PST  
A part of me, believe it or not, is going to feel really sorry for Bush should he flip-flop on this count. I've got this conservative ghost in me that keeps me from going BWAHAHAHA! over the election results. "You used to be one of them," it reminds me. To which I counter, "I was a conservative, yes, but I was never a Bushie! Cut me some slack here!" And it goes, "You didn't like it when the Bushies rubbed your face in Kerry's defeat two years ago, did you?"

And before I realize it, I've lost the argument.

Ah well...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 8:01 AM PST  
Hee, it is a shot across the bow, as in nautical term for the pointy end of a ship, not bough, as in xmas decoration.

Otherwise, Go General!
commented by Blogger kenzo, 11:13 PM PDT  

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