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Sunday, November 19, 2006

frame the debate contest

awol's excellent adventure failed invasion will still be a topic in the 2008 elections. republicans are already warming up their talking points that the defeatocrats lost iraq. democrats have sent out a trial ballon using "redeploy." i don't think we should triangulate with something in the passive voice. (as in the antique vase was broken or as in the troops will be redeployed.) a phrase i am thinking of using whenever the subject comes up is "withdrawing american troops from bush's failed invasion." i would like to hear other people's ideas.
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Right on the passive voice- Dems need to be more active, less passive.
"Withdrawing U.S Troops from Bush's failed OCCUPATION of Iraq" sounds better. The invasion was a success, at least in terms of taking the territory in question. Maybe if we had turned it over to a third party other than Halliburton at that point, we wouldn't be in the Lose/Lose situation we are now.
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We could also try a Madison Ave. moment. "Republicans won't let the troops get candy and flowers at home this Christmas."
commented by Blogger George, 8:25 PM PST  
Always throw it back at them...no matter what...keep pointing out whom it was that was in power at the moment in question.
And just as important, (if not most important) what they chose to do with the power they had...
commented by Blogger ESSARESS, 8:30 PM PST  
I'm sorry but withdrawal sounds more like defeat to me than many other terms. It's like porn -- you need to turn what might be labeled by some as the withdrawal method into the money shot.

How about we've done what we can with the bungled mess that was left us and we're allowing the Iraqis to handle this mess themselves?

We are returning our troops to where they are needed most in a world of growing violence and extremism, a new breed of nations intent on nuclear capabilities, China's unrivaled military, political and economic expansion, and a homeland that cannot afford to bankrupt its future on chasing the mirages of neocons thirsting for conquest in the deserts of the Iraq.
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