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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

finally, a little credit, and from the unlikeliest source

via talkleft, we find that lefty blogs are getting some much-deserved praise for their work in the past election from...townhall???

1) how could this have happened? the entire weight and heft of the right-wing blogosphere stood behind a campaign to change the house leadership and nothing happened. kos holds a putz-fest in vegas and virtually the complete democratic establishment comes to kiss his ring. is the right wing blogosphere only capable of getting congressional types to give us a few minutes of their time on conference calls?

the right wing blogosphere has to deal with the facts. the politicians just aren’t that into us.

2) but how come the democrats are so into the blogosphere and the republicans aren’t? how come we don’t generate fear and respect like the kosfather?

because all we do is opine, and often in an annoyingly independent way. while all of us root for the republican party, we’re also pretty expressive when members of the party let us down. we might carry a little water, but as a group, i bet the republican establishment thought of us as more as a pain in the neck than an asset during the last campaign season. i know i won’t be on george allen’s christmas card list.

3) and kos is different?

yes. although he rips democrats when he’s of a mind to do so, he also brings something else to the party. he brings volunteers and money and buzz. although my modem might well explode as i type these words, jon tester would not be a senator starting in january if it weren’t for the daily kos. same for jim webb. he never would have made it out of the primary.

4) okay. so we should be more like kos?

not me. i have no interest in being a tool for the republican party, or at least not anymore so than i already am. but, and again my modem might explode, there is no denying that the daily kos is an asset to the democratic party in terms of winning elections. or at least it was this past cycle.
hey! skippy was one of those putzes at the putz-fest!
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He has no intention of being a tool for the Republican Party. He just wants to continue to be a tool.
commented by Blogger DBK, 6:08 AM PST  
Independent minded?

I've seen Borg that were less assimilated than the Clownhall types. And that is Science Fiction.

Their definition of "independent" is "didn't let George Bush down unlike those nasty Neo-Cons and Realists".
commented by Blogger Bruce Webb, 7:17 AM PST  
Once in a while, Townhall will surprise you.

Now if we can get James Carville to follow suit...
commented by Blogger Mimus Pauly, 7:53 AM PST  
Kos? I just threw up in my mouth.
Boy is this thing full of contradictions: on the one hand, Kos is a tool for the Democratic party, on the other, he's ripping it new assholes every so often?

When will they come to the simple conclusion? They are, and always have been, out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, and it only took a failed war, failed economy and a failed pedophile to piss the people off enough?

Even Rush got a bit of that
commented by Blogger Carl, 9:21 AM PST  
You can be sure this guy's going to wake up with a horses head in his bed and a little tag that says M.M....

Don't evar disrespect the family.
commented by Blogger Frederick, 10:22 AM PST  
Every time I visit a right wing blog like Atals and Little Green Footballs or Captains Quarters all I seee over and over is the trumping up of so-called terror threats, begging and pleading to keep Bolton at the U.N., and how much Democrats hate America and want the terrorists to win. And how the main stream media is on the side of the terrorists.

They're so divorced from reality I don't know how anyone can take them seriously. And there in lies a big part of the problem.

Their leaders such as GW Bush are also so far removed from reality that the majority of Americans cover their eyes with their hands when he appears on TV and opens his mouth.
commented by Blogger PoliShifter, 12:20 PM PST  
Did you notice he didn't leave out the "F" word?

Fear. lol. Who's afraid of Kos?
commented by Blogger nunya, 1:21 PM PST  
nice one nunya, i thought i was gonna have to leave, lol :).

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commented by Blogger ballhogjoni, 2:27 PM PST  
i have no interest in being a tool for the republican party, or at least not anymore so than i already am.

let me see if I interpret this correctly:

this asshat freeper just said:

I'm a TOOL for the repuglicans, but I refuse to be MORE OF A TOOL for the repuglicans

what the fuck does that mean ???

I'll be a screwdriver, but not a hammer ???

I'll support bush's wars if I don't have to join the Army and fight ???

where exactly does this incredibly stupid freeper draw the line ???

and for the record, I am NOT a tool of the Democratic Party

the Democratic Party is ONE OF MY TOOLS; the one I use to direct my government

maybe that's the difference between Democrats and repuglicans

Democrats use their party, and repuglicans are used by their party

this wisdom provided free of charge by freepatriot
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:41 PM PST  
Instapundit and Little Green Racists do not raise money or awareness. The former writes two word posts and the latter is auditioning for the Minutemen. What great GOP assets.

It is good that people are getting involved in politics. An inform democracy makes better choices.
commented by Blogger Michael Hussey, 7:32 PM PST  
heheheh,...you said "Tool".
commented by Blogger ESSARESS, 4:53 PM PST  

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