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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

dear hardly-ever-right-wing: nyah nyah ne nyah nyah!


pardon us while we gloat.

specifically, we're gloating about the old wingnut canard "kos [read: blogtopia (read: yes! we coined that phrase!)] is 0 for 20 [or whatever number they pull out of their hats, and by hats, we mean asses] in picking candidates."

tho atrios references tnr's overview of the nasty bloggers vs. st. emmanuel rahm of the moderate center as far as whose candidates did better where, we are of the opinion that last night's victory, even in something as elementary as turn out alone, was due in large part to the efforts of the netroots, as well as the grassroots of the dem party.

we are not so small, nor do we have the time, to actually make a count of how many candidates blogtopia (y!wctp!) supported, but we know the left's batting average is now probably somewhere around 35 for 50 or so.

we are especially sorry for our pals over at fdl (and, by extension, for the electorate of connecticut) with ned lamont's loss. and we don't trust joe lieberman any father than we could throw the pharmaceutical industry. but they, along with the rest of us, did stir things up, and made the media elite and pundit class take a long hard look at the dissatisfaction that is bubbling just underneath the surface of the american people's collective psyche.

hopefully this election will be the first of many steps on the long road back to government of, by and for the people, and away from the smarty pants know-it-alls running the show from their ivory towers in dc.
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Hi Skippy,

Thanks for the condolences, we Firedogs appreciate it. It was a good fight and my heavens, look at all this left-ever election-oriented netRootz infrastructure that is just lyin' around! Well, it might come in handy for something else, ya know.

If there is a lesson to be learned, it is to not *ever* wait for help from head office.

And congratulations to you on your 100% candidate endorsment record, you know how to pick 'em. Go Skippy! Marsupials rule!

Well, it's been such a fun election, I think we should do another one soon.


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