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Friday, November 17, 2006

The Bluejersey Begathon

Bluejersey is one of the most powerful state-oriented progressive web logs in the country. The site doesn't get as much traffic as, for instance, MyDD.com, but it does get a lot of traffic from government entities (state and federal legislature) and stands for progress and thoughtful discussion. Bluejersey is trying to raise some money for various purposes (mostly to keep the site running and to expand it). Juan, the founder and lead singer for Bluejersey, makes an eloquent plea. Read his posting here and then, if you can manage it, please contribute. If you'd like to see the grassroots, close-to-you world of web logging continue to grow and gain an even stronger position in the political discourse (and remember that bloggers are the lobbyists for the people), please help out.

At last count, by the way, Bluejersey had raised $1400 dollars, almost halfway to their goal, thanks to some very generous people.
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