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Thursday, October 12, 2006

those who repeat history are doomed to not learn from it

rep. christopher hays has to reach back into time to pull out a defense for the publican's (non) response to foley's follies (or maybe it was out of his ass, we're not sure exactly where he pulled it from).

unable to come up with anything in this millennium to defend his party with, rep. shays brought up chappaquiddick and ted kennedy. washpost:

"i know the speaker didn't go over a bridge and leave a young person in the water, and then have a press conference the next day," the embattled connecticut congressman told the hartford courant in remarks published wednesday.
he also didn't burst into a great ball of flame while trying to dock in new jersey like the hindenberg did, if rep. shays wants to continue the tragedies in ancient history metaphor. at least this way the image of big fat gasbags is left intact.

dennis hastert didn't kill anybody," he added.
if you don't count the unwaivering support for the iraq war, no, he didn't.

last week, kennedy campaigned for democrat diane farrell, who is locked in a bitter fight with shays that could help determine whether democrats recapture the house after 12 years of gop control.

"this is symptomatic of chris losing his composure in a tight race," farrell said in a telephone interview with the associated press wednesday. "chris just seems to be lashing out in anger."
the big problem is, of course, the multi-millionaire media is focusing on this diversion, instead of investigating what former foley chief-of-staff kirk fordham will testify to in front of the house ethics committee today: he warned the publican leadership about foley's penchant for underage teenage boys years ago:

kirk fordham, who once was foley's chief of staff, plans to testify under oath that he warned more than one congressional official several times about foley's inappropriate behavior with pages, said a source familiar with fordham's account.

fordham, who arrived thursday afternoon at the committee hearing, has said the warnings were earlier than republican leaders have reported...

the source said fordham will say he notified scott palmer, hastert's chief of staff, three or four years ago about a report that foley had shown up drunk at the dormitory that houses the teenage messengers.
in related news, marc foley changed his first name to steve and played linebacker for the san diego chargers when he got shot three times in the leg during a scuffle with a police officer during a dui bust last month.
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