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Thursday, October 26, 2006

there's more than one guay to go, there's a paraguay

our friend allison of hartsongs sends us this bit of news that awol is buying land in paraguay...

an argentine official regarded the intention of the george w. bush family to settle on the acuifero guarani (paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region.

luis d elia, undersecretary for the social habitat in the argentine federal planning ministry, issued a memo partially reproduced by digital infobae.com, in which he spoke of the purchase by bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern paraguay, between brazil and bolivia…

d elia considered this bush step counterproductive for the regional power expressed by presidents nestor kirchner, luiz inacio lula da silva, evo morales, hugo chavez and fidel castro.

he said that "it is a bad signal that the bush family is doing business with natural resources linked to the future of mercosur."

the official pointed out that this situation could cause a hypothetical conflict of all the armies in the region, and called attention to the bush family habit of associating business and politics.
and cocaine, which might be more of a reason.
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Nah uh, Skip. More basic than that.

Water. That land is right smack over a big ass aquifer.
commented by Blogger Carl, 9:48 AM PDT  
Carl you're very close to perfectly right. The parcel that is dead on over the aquifer belongs to the Rev Moon, yes that one. Apparently, Bush Jr is joining Bush Sr & Rev Moon where, when combined, their ownership of acreage will be nearly 3% of all of Paraguay. Of course, it's interesting to note also that Paraguay does not have extradition agreements with the US....
commented by Blogger mainsailset, 11:16 AM PDT  
_Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill_ by Jessica Stern
NY: HarperCollins, 2003

page 276: "The tri-border area where Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet is becoming the new Libya: The place where terrorists with widely disparate ideologies - the Marxists groups FARC and ELN, American white supremacists, Hamas, Hezbollah, and members of bin Laden's International Islamic Front - meet to swap tradecraft. Authorities worry that the more sophisticated groups could make use of the Americans as participants in their plots, possibly to bring in materials."

Guess they are moving on to the next phase of business with the bin Ladens.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 10:26 PM PDT  

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