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Sunday, October 01, 2006

she's our maine woman

the skippy's traversed the beautiful autumnal foliaged roads of maine today, with a stop in farmington to meet skippy's long-time co-blogger pudentilla for the first time face-to-face.

the skippy's met pudentilla and her significant other for brunch at the granary, apparently the most popular cafe/brew pub within 150 miles, which, in maine milage, is four blocks.

the skippy's and pudentilla and her s.o. had a leisurely yet animated conversation over lunch (leisurely because the service, for some odd reason, was the second slowest that mr. and mrs. skippy had ever experienced; the slowest was at a cafe in cody, wyoming, but that's a story for another time).

skippy learned a lot from the two ladies of maine that he previously didn't know about the down east state. for instance, pudentilla describes it as a very centrist state, full of people who are mainly libertarian in their approach to life. there are tons of academics (pudentilla and her s.o. are both professors at one of maine's many colleges) and thusly there is a lot of tolerance and intellectual curiosity among the residents.

other maine tidbits: camden, maine (thru which the skippy's drove as they traveled to bar harbor) is a popular place for ex-cia to retire.

the residents of belfast were so exhausted by industries coming and going from their little port town that nobody really got excited when mbna set up a call-center there in the 9o's, because, sure enough, it closed up shop 10 years later.

and remember how skippy marveled at the freeport outlet stores which had traditional archeitecture, instead of ugly mall buildings? apparently the city of freeport has decreed that no new business can tear down the old buildings and construct new monstrosities, to thusly keep the atmosphere of this yankee town.

skippy and pundentilla managed to bore both their repsective s.o.'s with plenty of blogging/political talk, and they all decided that the foley scandal has legs and that the dam is breaking and that the american people are all sick of the current state of things and ready for change. (they also hoped out loud that e-voting doesn't destroy the next elections, but even if it does, people are pretty aware of the problems inherent therein, and will not let things go awry without at least squawking.)

after two great converstaion-filled hours, the skippy's bid the maine ladies goodbye, and hit the road. now they are happily ensconsed in a bizarre motor inn just inside new hampshire at the foot of the white mountains.

(this strange motel, which shall remain nameless, is designed along the model of a mobius strip; if you go upstairs one flight at one end of the building, you aren't on the same floor as if you go upstairs one flight at the other end of the building. in fact, if you go upstairs one flight at the in the back at same end of the building, you come out on a floor which has one half of the hallway three feet above the other half of the hallway, separated by a railing and with no way to get from one side to the other. it's rather like floor 7 1/2 in being john malkovitch.

the skippy's are afraid they are sleeping on a mystery spot).

tomorrow: the historical white mountain innmount washington inn.
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