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Sunday, October 22, 2006

rip jane wyatt

jane wyatt, the impeccable actress who was the mother on "father knows best" and the mother of spock on star trek, died at the age of 96 friday. the washpost:

jane wyatt, 96, a onetime socialite who specialized in playing well-bred ingenues on stage and film and is best known as the understanding mother in the television sitcom "father knows best," died oct. 20 at her home in bel air, calif. the family said she died in her sleep but did not give further details.

ms. wyatt was dropped from the new york social register after becoming an actress, but she later reacquired her standing through marriage. meanwhile, she enjoyed an active career on the broadway stage and then in hollywood.
something we didn't know was that jane was blacklisted in teh 50's:

she later said her work dried up in the early 1950s because of her association with a group of politically liberal actors campaigning against the anti-communist blacklist, including lauren bacall and humphrey bogart. she said that she was never a communist and that the worst label that anyone applied to her was "prematurely anti-fascist."

the offer to appear in "father knows best," long a fixture on radio, came as a surprise. the show ran first on cbs, and that network's decision to cancel the program resulted in loud protests. nbc picked it up from 1955 to 1958 before the show returned to cbs.

although ms. wyatt said in later years that she found aspects of the show dated, she took some comfort in its ability to appeal to audiences around the world.

"when we did it we had no idea it would make such a big splash," she told the associated press in 1989. "i went to peru on a botanical trip last year. the stewardesses on the plane were all over us. in lima, we were besieged by people. the show's called 'papa lo sabe todo' there."
rip jane wyatt.
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I thought Jane was super...I did, however, reserve my prurient adolescent thoughts for Elinor Donahue...
commented by Blogger moderate, 5:03 AM PDT  
Prematurely anti-fascist. I like it.
commented by Blogger George, 8:26 AM PDT  
Blacklisted? Couldn't have happened. Ann Coulter assures us no such thing ever took place.
commented by Anonymous Bob, 1:23 PM PDT  
Check her out in Frank Capra's "Lost Horizons" from the 1930s. She was always a beautiful and classy lady.

Glad somebody brought up the blacklist too.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 9:54 PM PDT  

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