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Sunday, October 22, 2006

no hablamos el voting rights act en condado del orange, california

the controversial and very probably illegal letter sent to spanish speaking new voters in southern california warning them they could be arrested if they were immigrants who tried to vote has splintered the california publican party. background from the chitrib:

a california republican's congressional campaign went into meltdown thursday after he said a staff member was responsible for sending thousands of letters to new voters with hispanic surnames telling them--wrongly--that it is illegal for them to vote if they are immigrants. candidate tan nguyen said the letters went out without his knowledge and the staff member has been fired. the orange county republican party immediately called for nguyen to withdraw from the race. as many as 14,000 letters were sent in the district, represented by democratic rep. loretta sanchez.
in spite of both his office and home getting raided, in spite of the head of the orange county publicans urging his withdrawl, and even in spite of gov. ah-nold arguments that he should quit the race, nguyen has denied having anything to do with the letter himself and refused to drop out.

but the latimes reports that fingers are pointing at the publican:

nguyen, himself a vietnamese immigrant, said thursday that he had fired his campaign office manager because of the letter but that he had no prior knowledge of it. however, the chairman of orange county's republican party has said that he was told by the mailing company that sent the letter that nguyen was personally involved.
loretta sanchez is pretty popular in her district and has little to worry about from nguyen. but this controversy isn't going to help him.
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