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Saturday, October 07, 2006

lox for the memories

skippy & bloggers & breakfast at the carnegie deli: what a way to spend saturday morning!

skippy walked the half block from his hotel to the world-famous carnegie deli to meet up with dbk, the blogger formerly known as gd frogsdong, blogenfreude of agitprop, tata of poor impulse control, and the wonderful bill scher of liberal oasis and his lovely bride who are in town on the book tour for bill's tome wait! don't move to canada! (which we proudly tout on our blogads sidebar immediately to your right, our left).

much was discussed, a lot of which had little to do with politics and more to do with the borscht belt, but we did manage to wonder aloud if foley's follies would have any effect on how diebold counts our votes this november. after a long conversation about tata's the lovely mrs. scher's ability to recognize toddlers the only celeb spotting we managed was a balding larry miller going into the deli after our raucous group was leaving, much to the relief of everyone else in the place.

for some wonderful pictures of the fun, please go to blanton's and ashton's where dbk posted same.
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