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Thursday, October 26, 2006

hooked on torture

the heretik points out that cheney's casual approach to torture is in itself, cruel.

q would you agree a dunk in water is a no-brainer if it can save lives?

the vice president: it’s a no-brainer for me, but for a while there, i was criticized as being the vice president “for torture.” we don’t torture. that’s not what we’re involved in. we live up to our obligations in international treaties that we’re party to and so forth. but the fact is, you can have a fairly robust interrogation program without torture, and we need to be able to do that.

and thanks to the leadership of the president now, and the action of the congress, we have that authority, and we are able to continue to program.
okay with that? not okay with that?

the u.s. army, senior republican lawmakers, human rights experts and many experts on the laws of war, however, consider water-boarding cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment that’s banned by u.s. law and by international treaties that prohibit torture.
cheney confessed what the white house really thinks without getting tortured himself at all. that it is said with a straight face tortures the english language.

no brainer? the casual cruelty of torture reveals itself in cheney’s casual attitude.
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