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Friday, October 27, 2006

the geeks shall inherit the earth

john fitzpatrick, co-founder of hotpads.com, sends us this cnet article about various search engines that can help define specific districts for upcoming local races:

as reported on search engine watch, though, there are ways to get a better picture of the races in your particular district. google earth (not maps) has a 2006 election guide layer. it shows you where the congressional district lines are drawn and pops up info about congressional incumbents and candidates. it links to google and google news, of course.

the housing rental site, hotpads, also has a district map, which does a better job of showing district lines: it fills in the districts, making them easier to see, and color-codes them by affiliation of the incumbent. it also pops up names of incumbents and candidates, but links only to wikipedia--comprehensive, perhaps, but not always accurate, especially on contested political issues.
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