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Sunday, October 29, 2006

fixing virginia

alva goldbrook at nitwit planet finds out that even if you vote absentee in virginia, you still have to use electronic voting machines.
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So sorry, but they can have my congresswhore back, any time, he lives there anyway.
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Boy, we can't win for losing here, can we?

I went on voter strike for three years after the 2000 election (in which I voted for Ralph Nader -- I blame the ignorance that comes with being young). Of course, I had to vote in 2004 -- that was the most important election in my lifetime. Nowadays, being so disgusted with politicians I can hardly think straight, I'm inclined to refrain from voting altogether. But I don't just vote for politicians on Election Day, I vote on ballot questions -- those alone are reason enough for every registered voter to get off his/her ass and vote. Virginia Ballot Question #1 this year: Yes or no on a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman? Odds are this will pass, but I'm voting no -- If two men or two women want to do the homosexual equivalent of tying the not, I say more power to them. You can try, but you can't legislate love. Progress, not regress -- that's the story of humankind in a nutshell.

Oh, and then there's this race between Jim Webb and George Allen. I'm voting against Allen as much as I'm voting for Webb. Don't really give a shit which one of them wins anymore. Besides, the Girl Scouts will be selling baked goods outside the school where I'll be voting, and I plan on donating generously to their organization...
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