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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

et, phone from home

debra bowen, who is running against bruce "why not just certify the espresso machine" mcpherson for secretary of state in california, is asking us to introduce you to her "phone from home" action alert.

go here and sign up with the bowen campaign to help by phoning california voters from your own home...you don't have to go anywhere! and it's a good way to donate your weekend cell minutes to a good cause!

debra and mcpherson are neck and neck in the polls, so it's going to take some actual work to get this sucker in orbit! kos and bowers are both saying that just 'cuz the polls have the dems ahead at this point, is no reason to stop working and rest on our laurels. get involved, put shoeleather on the pavement, fingers on the dial and gotv!

sign up today to help restore integrity to the california voting system!
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check out this election-jamming video!!

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