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Monday, October 30, 2006

click the stupid song already so he'll stop sending us emails

our pal robert morgan fisher is beside himself with glee...his song, "we'll buy a flag," is #2 at neil young's war protest song page...and he's begging everyone to go click the link a few hundred times ("you don't even have to listen to the song," he says in his email...thanks, robert!) so he can claim the #1 spot.

please do this, if not for robert, then for skippy, who owes robert for being the first person to tell skippy about osama bin laden (3 years before 9/11, with a song parody to chuck berry's "i'm walkin'." robert was prescient..."bin laden, yes indeed, bin laden, evil screed, bin laden, he's gonna get us all...").
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I clicked on it but I got a message that the program wasn't responding. Something may be broken. I dunno.

Hey Happy Halloween to all Skippy-ettes.

I came here trick or treating. Hand over the candy or this raw egg lands right in the middle of your computer screen.

I actually listened to the song and found its lyrics quite profound. Everyone should listen at least once.
commented by Blogger blue, 3:37 PM PST  
ok now i clicked about 40 times. time for others to listen and then click. its really imho a better song than the number one.
commented by Blogger blue, 3:52 PM PST  

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