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Thursday, October 26, 2006

call it los angelides

lookin' bad for democratic challenger phil angelides in the race for california governor. he's doing so poorly in the polls, he's running 6 points behind ah-nold in san francisco. you heard us right, the most liberal town in america, where it's not only legal, but mandatory to have gay sex while voting for communists in grade school, would rather vote in schwarzenegger than the democratic real estate tycoon-cum treasurer. asspress:

the public policy institute of california's survey shows schwarzenegger with a 18-point advantage.

the spread is ominous for angelides, who's been unable to consolidate his democratic base as the november seventh election draws near.

schwarzenegger leads angelides 40 percent to 34 percent in the bay area. and in another traditionally democratic region -- los angeles -- angelides leads by the slimmest of margins -- 40 percent to 38 percent.
the good news...if there is any...is that ah-nold's move to the left has hurt his chances with the right

but the poll shows that schwarzenegger's success with democrats has hurt his standing in traditionally republican areas: the central valley and the southern california region outside los angeles.
we can't understand why california hasn't rallied around the excitement of a former real estate tycoon turned treasurer. what's more trust worthy than real estate? what's dynamic than accounting? angelides is a perfect choice for the california democratic machine to ensure the governorship...in 2010!
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Phil who?

-- Badtux the California Penguin
commented by Blogger BadTux, 1:25 PM PDT  
that's what i say, badtux. mrs. skippy and i both were supporting steve westley, and we are very disappointed that the cal.dem. machine rolls on w/the usual suspects.
commented by Blogger skippy, 3:51 PM PDT  
If I have to have gay sex while voting for Communists in grade school in SF what do I have to do in Berkeley? Do that all on acid while digging my organic garden with a solar-powered rototiller?
commented by Blogger gmoke, 10:23 PM PDT  

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