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Friday, September 08, 2006

skippy writes a letter

mailed to everyone on this list:

ladies and gentlemen,

my family lives in southern california. we visit disneyland on an average of twice a year. we have enjoyed visiting the disney world resort in orlando, having stayed at the polynesian hotel. we like downtown disney, and we have just seen the movie, the pirates of the caribbean. we have enjoyed disney products and films for years.

i am writing to tell you that that will no longer be the case. in light of abc’s decision to show “the path to 9/11,” which by the network’s own admission, contains scenes that are completely fabricated, my family will now boycott all things disney.

it is one thing to present a piece that assigns blame to all administrations. it’s also one thing to use dramatic license to portray scenes and individuals. it is quite another thing to present events that are 100% contrary to the facts, especially when those facts are directly contradicted by the 9/11 commission report, upon which abc insists the movie is based.

i cannot condone such partisan rumor-mongering. several thousand americans died on that fateful day, and their memory should not be besmirched for political purposes, especially in this election year.

my family and i will no longer visit any disney theme parks or resorts. we will no longer go to see, buy, or rent any disney or buena vista or touchstone movies or dvd’s. we will not watch abc or the disney channel or abc family or espn.

we are incensed that disney would allow such partisanship to be disguised as “fact.” several national figures, such as richard clarke, roger cressey, and richard miniter, none of whom have a dog in this fight, have assailed the mini-series as being completely inaccurate in its portrayal of the clinton administration’s actions.

disney has stooped to a new low, and has, in fact, done a grave, if not almost treasonous, disservice to this country, and its people.

you will not receive any more dollars from our household, unless this travesty of a “docu-drama” is pulled from abc’s schedule.

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