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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the really sad thing is, he even comes after "none of the above"

the north-central connecticut journal inquirer (like they say, as goes the journal inquirer, so goes north-central connecticut) reports that among all the problems joe-nertia is facing, his position on the ballot in november may be one of his more irritating ones:

that's because the senator, a new haven democrat running without his party's endorsement, could appear on different places on the ballot, depending on the town.

former derby mayor alan schlesinger, a republican, and greenwich cable executive ned lamont, the democratic nominee, hold the first two rows, respectively. that's because their parties finished first and second, respectively, in the 2002 gubernatorial race.

the next two rows belong to two petitioning minor-party candidates for u.s. senate, concerned citizens party member timothy knibbs and green party member ralph ferrucci.

that means the highest lieberman could appear on any ballot would be the fifth row.
but there are three other minor parties in connecticut: the libertarian, working families, and independent parties.
even tho these minor parties don't have a candidate for senator, if they field a candidate for general assembly, that party would get a row on the ballot, above joe-nertia.

so people will have to really really want to vote for joe to find him on the ballot.

poor joe-nertia.
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