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Sunday, September 10, 2006

filing fec complaints against abc/disney made easy

we got this email from charles sanders, running for representative in the 3rd district in ohio:

tell the f.e.c. to prosecute abc/disney for campaign finance law violations

the perverse obstinance of abc/disney in plowing ahead with their political hit piece on the democratic party, "the path to 9/11", will likely not only subject them to defamation suits from bill clinton himself, and from his cabinet officials that they smeared, they deserve to be prosecuted by the federal election commission (f.e.c.) for campaign finance law violations. and if enough of us raise our voices, we can make it happen.

although it was previewed only to hard core right wing ideologues (even clinton was refused a request for an advance copy), enough has leaked out about its gross distortions of fact and malicious bias for there to be a mounting groundswell of condemnation of the planned broadcast, and demands that it be pulled entirely. especially suspicious is the fact that the production, with a reported cost of $40 million dollars, is to be aired without commercials. and if that weren't bad enough, they are coordinating with the white house to let bush give a speech right in the middle of the second installment.

in other words, abc/disney is providing to their extreme right wing pals a free, prime time, negative campaign commercial of 6 hours intended to influence the upcoming general election with less than 60 days to go. there could not be a more blatant or gross violation of campaign advertising law. the production is so riddled with deliberate partisan bias, it cannot be repaired or redeemed. and most despicably of all, abc/disney is promoting their conflation of heinous lies as "the official true story".

action page: http://www.charleswsanders.org/petitions/pnum495.php

please submit the action page above to send your personal message of complaint to the f.e.c., and all your members of congress as well. and then if you want to do more, you can file an individual formal written complaint against abc/disney following the instructions at the following link.


mandatory compliance laws regulate every action of all federal candidates seeking membership to the united states house or senate. congressional and senatorial campaigns can be shut down entirely if any improprieties are evidenced through any filing discrepancies. acquiescence by the federal elections commission with abc's after the fact coup d'etat on the clinton administration can only be overcome by our voices. let us flood the f.e.c. with complaints, and let that be the story.

take action today to declare that the f.e.c. must not be allowed to play favorites with secret, big dollar contributors. as a united states congressman, i will not ignore such tactics by broadcasters to perpetuate such contemptible and flagrant violations of law which serve to promote under-handed agendas to be foisted on the american public.

action page: http://www.charleswsanders.org/petitions/pnum495.php

this alert is brought to you through the activism of charles w. sanders, running for congress from the 3rd district of oh, where there will be a special primary election this friday, september 15. please consider making a contribution to his campaign if you have not done so already, so he can get his courageous call to action tv commercial as much exposure as possible.

video page: http://www.charleswsanders.org/donations4a.php

when we find a representative brave enough to take strong stands we like on the critical issues of our time, shall we do everything we can to support him or not? our only real chance to influence what our choices will be in the general election is by backing the best candidate in the primary process. please encourage charles to continue to stand up and fight for us any way you can.
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Dude, its FCC, not FEC you piece of fecal matter. Idiot democrazy
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